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Are you ready for learning at a distance or in a technology rich course?

The SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator is the premier solution for identifying levels of student readiness for online learning and/or learning in a technology rich course.

SmarterMeasure has been used by over a half million students to determine if distance learning and/or learning in a technology rich course is a good fit for them.

Institutions use SmarterMeasure to increase their level of retention in online degree programs and in other courses in which technology is deeply integrated. Using integrated reporting and communication tools, schools can provide information about school specific resources for remediation and support.

Because student success is contingent on multiple variables, SmarterMeasure is not a predictive tool. Rather it is a diagnostic tool to identify students who are at-risk of not doing well in online and/or technology rich courses due to measured sets of traits, skills and knowledge..

Graphical Reporting

  • Easy to understand reporting
  • Final report includes 15+ easy to understand graphs and charts

Easy Administration

  • Search assessments by over 10 filters
  • Export data in a few clicks
  • Integrated communcation tools
  • Results presented at a glance

Understandable Diagnostics

  • Clear and concise diagnostic reporting
  • Remedial resources supplied
  • Immediate results


  • Add custom demographic questions
  • Assessment embedded in custom user interface
  • Customize final report